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Israel has been guilty of a prolonged campaign of ethnic cleansing against the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine since the country has started. Isreal's desire to steal more Palestinian land and resources has been insatiable. When the nation of Israel was formed, Israelis were the minority of the population, yet they got the majority of the land and the most valuable of land.

Yet, that wasn't enough for Israel. After nationhood, Israel launched a terrorist campaign to drive much of the native population out of the country. Later, Israel stole the rest of Palestine in two wars of aggression. Now, they have all of the West Bank, including Palestinian East Jerusalem under occupation. Gaza is under a siege.

Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are subjected to a slow, methodical, and murderous campaign of ethnic cleansing which shows no sign of easing. Palestinians in Israel proper face rampant discrimination for not being Jewish.

All of this is bad enough. One thing that makes this worse is that my own government is involved with this. Administrations and Congresses of both parties have financed, and armed, and provided diplomatic support to Israel's antisemitic campaigns against the Palestinians. (Palestinians are a Semtitic people, and most Israeli Jews are European, not Semitic.)

Worst of all is that Israel got its nuclear weapons by attacking a US submarine, and "our" government has never done a damned thing about it. They murder Americans civilians who commit peaceful acts of nonviolence against crimes against humanity, and "our" government does absolutely nothing in response. The flow of aid, trade, and support keeps going.

With Mossad's latest terrorist attack in Dubai, they used Identity Theft against British citizens to commit their crime. How much longer until Americans like you and me become victims of Identity Theft committed by the Mossad terrorists?

Enough of this bullshit! Our government should ban all aid and trade with Israel. If our government really cared about the "war on terrorism," it would break off diplomatic relations with that terrorist regime.

I'm an atheist, so I have no reason to travel to Israel. It's not like it's in the world's 500 most fun tourist destinations or anything. A travel boycott against Israel by me would be a completely empty gesture. I can, however, call on my government to end its support for the antisemitic government in that country.


1 Responses to America Should End All Aid, Trade, and Diplomatic Relations With Israel

  1. Tao Dao Man Says:
  2. I totally agree with this post. Mossad made a big mistake in Dubai. I just hope they are held accountable. Our backing of this rogue terrorist state of Israel is insane. Our Congress and foreign policy is controlled by Israel. When this stops we will finally have peace in the middle east.



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