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Racist Really Is Prominent Teabagger After All

Posted by libhom Monday, February 15, 2010

Dale Robertson, who has become famous for a racist sign, is one of the more controversial figures in the teabagger thing. Many of the people trying to corral the teabaggers for the GOP are claiming that liberals are making up the whole thing about Robertson being a leader of the teabagging set.

Guess what? It turns out Robertson is the founder and proprietor of TeaParty.org, a major teabagger website.

Robertson does exaggerate his role in the teabagland. He says he's the "President and Founder - Tea Party." The real founders of the teabagger astroturf scam were beltway insider lobbyists for the HMOs and the health insurers. I don't think Robertson has any idea who is really pulling the puppet strings for the fiasco he is a significant part of.

The corporate teabagger puppeteers are throwing some of their own puppets under the bus, now that they are becoming inconvenient. The very racism and obnoxiousness that corporate lobbyists and GOP operatives found so charming last summer is becoming a political liability now. Teabaggers now are assigned the task of returning to the smarmy GOP code speak for the same racism that Robertson expressed more overtly with his sign.




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