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A Way to Promote Rail Transportation

Posted by libhom Monday, March 08, 2010

Expanding public rail transport is a great way to address a lot of problems facing our society. Some of those problems include:

- Global Warming

- Automobile Accident Deaths

- High Unemployment

- Trade Deficits

- The Obesity Epidemic

So far, Congress and the Obama administration have been giving rail transportation and public transit in general a far lower priority than building more and more roads, which makes all the problems mentioned above worse, except high unemployment. We need budgets and stimulus plans that make trains a higher priority than cars.

One way to promote rail transport is now available on Change.org. They are now doing voting on Ideas for Change, proposals to bring real, positive changes to our government and our society. One of those ideas is to Rebuild America's Rail System. Voting for it is one way to promote rail transit. Blogging about it is another.

Here's the code you can use to put the widget for it on your blog or blog posting.




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