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CO2 Really Is Going Up

Posted by libhom Sunday, May 09, 2010

Here is a widget from CO2now.org which illustrate how much CO2 us humans have been adding to the Earth's atmosphere. (I should credit It's My Right to Be Left of Center for posting another Global Warming widget from the same people.)

Current chart and data for atmospheric CO2

You can also add this widget to a blog posting of yours.

You also might want to check out their global temperature graph, which is pretty disturbing.



  1. Lew Scannon Says:
  2. Everybody needs to do what ever they can. Today I walked to the video store to return some movies, then to the grocery store for some lunch. It was a nice day, i got some fresh air, and since it was two miles round trip, I got some exercise as well. Plus, I saved gas and didn't release any CO2 into the air.

  3. TomCat Says:
  4. Dang! That picture makes it crystal clear. Thanks Lib.

  5. TomCat Says:
  6. That's great news. I hope she has a mouth like Grayson.

  7. Jimmy Says:
  8. Highest 15 million years.

    The study I usually refer to:




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