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Draw Muhammed Day

Posted by libhom Thursday, May 20, 2010

happy face with Muhammed written on it

Few things are more offensive than religionists attempting to shove their beliefs down the throats of those who don't share them, whether it is fascistic Christians putting crosses on government property or arrogant Muslims who actually think they have any business telling non Muslims whether or not we can draw pictures of their pedophile prophet. (In the Koran, he admits to marrying and raping a little girl.)

I bring up the point of the so called "prophet" of Islam being a pedophile because it is important to denounce and repudiate child abusers. As someone who experienced physical and emotional abuse as a child, I know all too well that adults have a responsibility to fight back against the abusers and those who condone their activities, since children have no way of defending themselves. People need to speak out just as forcefully against the founder of Islam as they do against the Roman Catholic officials who rape children and protect the rapists.

Efforts to stop people from drawing any figure from any religion are a rather extreme example of religious privilege. People actually think that religion should be put on some kind of pedestal and that it should not be subject to the same kinds of critique and ridicule as other ideas or value systems. Religious privilege is inherently bigoted and discriminatory against atheists. Those who assert it should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

So, I'm joining in with others who are participating in Draw Muhammed Day. I'm doing it to send a message to Muslims and other religious believers.

Your religious beliefs do not apply to any other person, place, or thing. They only apply to you. Any attempt on your part to impose your religious beliefs on anyone else puts you on the same immoral level as the 911 hijackers and the people who commit acts of terrorism against abortion providers.


1 Responses to Draw Muhammed Day

  1. Good for you. I agree completely. I mean, Jesus H. Christ, a drawing? I'm tired of having to pretend that people who believe in a sky god are entitled to complete deference. It's nuts.



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