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Why Would I Want to Travel To Arizona?

Posted by libhom Thursday, May 13, 2010

cake with WTF written on itI've read about a lot of calls for boycotts of the state of Arizona in response to the racist lunacy that keeps escalating in that Hate State. The boycott campaigns definitely raised a question in my mind.

Why would I, or any other sane person, want to travel to a place that is in the midst of a wave of batshit crazy, racist hysteria? Being surrounded by the deranged just isn't my kind of idea of a fun vacation.

First, they sign a law that will force local police to investigate deporting Latino US citizens who don't carry their birth certificates around (as if white people are expected to do that). Then, those lunatics go after ethnic studies. What's next? Are they going to add a swastika to their state flag?

When the governor and majority of the state legislature of a place are acting like they belong in straitjackets, that isn't what I have in mind for my time off. I'll travel somewhere else, thank you.

Notice to the Batshit Crazy Racists from Arizona
The comments form specifically mentions that racist comments are subject to deletion. Don't expect your hateful garbage to ever see the light of day. Asswipes like you are why I refuse to travel to the Hate State of Arizona. Keep spewing filth that reminds me of why I want nothing to do with your crazy state. That will really do a good job of changing my mind....not.



  1. I'm also still avoiding Utah.

  2. Throw in Nevada and you have three states I don't need to visit. And have you seen a photo of Gov. Brewer. That saying is true: as you age, you get the face you deserve.

  3. Shaw Kenawe Says:
  4. You left out their newest ruling:

    No teacher with an accent will be allowed to teach. Yup. I'm not making this up.

    Eeeef joo haaaave zee ack-CENT, SeƱor, joo cahn't teech!

    I suggest we change the name of the state. Arizona is too ethnic sounding. It comes from an
    Aztec word and a Pima Indian word. I suggest we change the name of the state to New Baldonia.*

    Balde is an old English word meaning "white."

  5. maybe there is some clause in the arizona constitution that after 99 years they can leave the union (they joined in 1912) so that would mean in 2011.

    next jan brewer is going to make all the student goose step to school



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