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Take Action to Support ENDA

Posted by libhom Saturday, May 15, 2010

It is becoming obvious that the Democrats just aren't listening to the queer community and its supporters on the Employment Non Discrimination Act. It's time to remind them that it is their responsibility to pass this legislation ASAP.

The folks working on passing an Inclusive ENDA have put together an
Action Alert in order to keep pushing this critical issue. They also have info on where politicians stand on ENDA.

Lisa Keen, writing for Bay Windows, discusses the urgency of the situation.

Vote had been predicted to happen in April.

Supporters of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) say they have the votes to pass the bill, they are just waiting for the Democratic leadership to call the bill to the floor. But the leadership has grown quiet -- no more regular expressions of optimism and predictions for when Congress will take up the bill, and the waiting game is wearing on nerves.

"The community and the movement have done everything we’ve been asked to do," said Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, this week. NCTE is one of the key groups lobbying for the bill this session, taking the lead on the additional language that seeks to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity, as well as sexual orientation.

"We’ve worked and worked and gotten sufficient votes to make sure gender identity stays in the bill," said Keisling, "but the bill is not being prioritized."

I don't know how the Democrats expect that queers will turn out at the polls in November for them if they keep screwing with us. In 1994, low turnout from a queer community utterly betrayed by Bill Clinton and a Democratic Congress played a role in Democratic defeats. The Democratic Party has enough problems. You'd think they would avoid alienating one of their core constituencies and pass legislation that has overwhelming public support. It makes absolutely no sense.

Please Take Action Now!



  1. It's an election year... Nobody is listening... Not that they are any other year...

  2. it amazes me how MANY of their core constituents the idiot dems in congress have ignore and betrayed, all to make sure their corporate masters are kept happy

    until there is public financing pf elections and the banning of corporate money (which will never happen now that they are people) this country will continue its slide to oblivion



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