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If I Were a New Age Scam Artist, I Would Say I Was Psychic

Posted by libhom Monday, May 03, 2010

Back on April 6th, I ran a post with three political actions people could take to fight Global Warming. The first item, with the picture I ran, follows:

Sign with Area Closed: Oil Spill

1. Tell Barack Bush You Don't Want Any More Offshore Drilling
Now that Barack Bush has announced that he will open up parts of America's coastline to Big Oil and big oil spills, people need to take action. Sarah Palin may like the idea of "drill, baby drill," but responsible people know that we need to end our habit of drilling for more oil instead of building more trains. A lot of the coverage of this focuses on the danger to the beaches and the tourism industry. Those problems are very real, but we also need to keep a focus on impacts on climate change.

People who care about the environment, unlike our President, are urging that he reverse this shocking and disgusting decision. If you aren't familiar with the issue, the Center for American Progress has ten reasons why the drilling shouldn't happen.

Sign 350.org's Petition!

Sign Firedog Lake's Petition!

Also, you can join the Facebook Group Against the Offshore Drilling. (not affiliated with Firedog Lake)

I've turned off the link to the Facebook group which no longer is there.

I could make a show of how psychic I was or how brilliant of a prognosticator I supposedly am, but honesty requires that I point out that catastrophic oil spills happen periodically. Anyone who knows the history of offshore drilling is keenly aware of this.

That isn't all. Think about this. If an earthquake in the Carribean set off a Tsunami, there could be dozens or even hundreds of oil spills from many of the platforms out there and in the Gulf of Mexico. Snark loving liberals have the real slogan down pat.

"Spill, Baby, Spill"



  1. Lew Scannon Says:
  2. Of course this disaster hasn't silenced Sarah, who wants the country to still be able to trust the oil companies. She must be the only one who does.

  3. Mauigirl Says:
  4. I think you are psychic, actually. Ironic that you had posted that so soon before this disaster occurred.

    The only good thing coming out of it is Obama now has said no more offshore drilling unless or until it can be made safe. (which of course it can never be, but any improvement would help).

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Hey, if people think you're psychic, you could charge much more money for your books! (You are writing a book, aren't you?) What you and I call common sense is often called "supernatural" by others. I'm fine with that. I know my mother scolded me every time I said this to my sister, but it IS fun: "See--I told you so!"



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