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With the wave of racist bullshit flying fast and thick in Arizona, every decent human being and every patriotic American is looking for ways to avoid doing business with that anti American Hate State. What are United Airlines and Southwest doing?

Business as usual.

They have done nothing to replace Phoenix as one of their hub airports. They are too racist, too corrupt, and too unpatriotic to take action that every loyal American would.

This is so typical of racism in corporate America. The rich CEOs and the wealthy speculators who own controlling interests in big corporations love racism. It keeps white people ignorant and stupid while corporations steal peoples' money and treat them like shit. United Airlines and Southwest are showing that they are more loyal to the almighty dollar than they are to human decency, corporate responsibility, and this country.

By keeping so much of their operations in Arizona, they are personally attacking me for having Native American ancestors. I'll spend my money elsewhere.




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