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From Isthmus the Daily Page 5/7/10:

The UW-Madison Atheists, Humanists & Agnostics group decided to make a statement by chalking stick figures of "Muhammad" around campus. Since the night they drew them, there has been some curious signs of tampering. Click on the "gallery" tab below the picture to see some examples. They're quite funny.

Keep in mind that in some European countries, such a simple display of religious criticism can get people in trouble for "inciting hatred." In fact, in France, some left-wing groups support re-introducing the crime of "blasphemy" for any criticism of a religion. While it is unfortunate that America is largely run by religious lunatics, we as a people have the power to mock them when they deserve it.

I do sympathize with the many Muslim students who have to put up with suspicion and prejudice that their equally superstitious Christian friends do not face. It's unfortunate that many Muslims may feel that this display is just another part of the ongoing cultural war against a religious and cultural minority. It is not. It is a principled stand against religious extremism, in all of its forms.

I think it's great that people are standing up to religious extremism.

Be sure to check out the gallery linked from the article. The religious nutjobs have been erasing the name of the pedoprophet of Islam.



  1. TomCat Says:
  2. I think the problem is that to be authentic, faith must respect the beliefs of others, including the choice not to believe.

  3. Dave Dubya Says:
  4. The funny part is, as with our own fundies, they think Jesus or Mohammad is being disrespected, when it is their own narrow mindedness that is mocked.



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