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Former WWE CEO/Diva Has Bought CT GOP Senate Nomination

Posted by libhom Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In a sign of just how corrupt and ethically bankrupt the Connecticut GOP really is, Linda McMahon, who used to be CEO and a performer (a.k.a. "Diva" in the terms of the trade), has managed to buy herself the GOP nomination for Senate in that state with her millions. (Politico 5/22/10)

Former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon won her party’s endorsement Friday night in the first round of ballots, defeating early frontrunner and longtime Connecticut GOP insider, former Rep. Rob Simmons.

As her vote tally began to surge, members of McMahon’s family entered the convention center, including husband Vince McMahon, her mom, son, daughter and son-in-law, Paul Levesque, better known as the professional wrestler “Triple H.” As the final votes were counted, the family stood stationary, ignoring the lights of the cameras literally surrounding them and refusing to respond when asked something.

When she took the stage to accept her victory, McMahon described it as “overwhelming.” She reminded delegates that across town Democrats had endorsed Attorney General Richard Blumenthal by acclamation.

“I’d venture to say we’re going to lay the smackdown on him in November,” she quipped, as her son Shane held up her hand in a victory gesture.

Ms. McMahon's campaign has been comedic fodder this election season, and we will get plenty more chances to laugh at her until November. If she wins, the whole country will be laughing at Connecticut.

Often, Ms. McMahon played a bland heroine (face Diva), but in this video, she played an evil Diva. She actually gets nasty physical with one of her employees, LOL.

I wonder how CT voters will react to the surreal world of elderly sexpots that give birth to adult human hands, simulated necrophilia, and faked physical elder abuse among the McMahon family that was the signature of Ms. McMahon's tenure as WWE CEO. Here's a parody video of Ms. McMahon's campaign propaganda that I ran a while before.

What the heck. Here's another one.



  1. Louis Flores Says:
  2. OMG, that middle video is outrageous.

  3. JDM Says:
  4. Geez, whatta fucked up state.

  5. TomCat Says:
  6. just how corrupt and ethically bankrupt the Connecticut GOP really is

    Couldn't you substitute any state for Connecticut withous losing accuracy?

  7. What I can't understand is how she got the nod in Connecticut. Nevada, sure. Texas? You bet. But fucking Connectivut?

  8. Thomas Says:
  9. Wasn't it only five or six years ago that a woman was made to drop out of a GOP primary, in Arizona I believe, because it came out that she'd been a stripper for a summer during college?

    I suppose I should know better than to expect consistency from these people.



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