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Cute Guy Calls for Revoking British Petroleum's Charter

Posted by libhom Saturday, July 03, 2010

Looks and brains: that's a combination that I'd like to see more often with guys. I would settle for more guys with brains. Anyway, here's the video from the Punk Patriot.

If you live in Deleware, your input will be especially important, given that Deleware is where British Petroleum has its US corporate charter. Here's contact information provided in the blog posting that goes along with the video.

THE GOVERNOR is Jack Markell. You can twitter him @GovernorMarkell
You can call him at a bunch of different offices here: http://bit.ly/ContactMarkell


The Senate Majority Leader is Democrat Patricia M Blevins. You can contact her a bunch of ways here: http://bit.ly/ContactBlevins Patricia.Blevins@state.de.us
The Senate Majority Whip is Demcorat Margaret Rose Henry. You can contact her a bunch of ways here: http://bit.ly/ContactHenry MargaretRose.Henry@state.de.us
Senate Minority Leader is Republican F. Gary Simpson: http://bit.ly/ContactSimpson gsimpson@udel.edu
Senate Minority Whip is Republican Liane Sorenson: http://bit.ly/ContactSorenson Liane.Sorenson@state.de.us


The Speaker of the house is Democrat Robert F Gilligan: http://bit.ly/ContactDelawareSpeaker Robert.Gilligan@state.de.us
The Majority Leader is Democrat Peter Scwartzcopff: http://bit.ly/ContactHouseMaj
The Majority Whip is Democrat Valarie Longhurst: http://bit.ly/ContactHouseWhip
The Minority Leader is Republican Richard Cathcart: http://bit.ly/ContactCathcart
The Minority Whip is Republican Daniel Short: http://bit.ly/ContactShort

The Attorney General will ultimately be the guy who brings proceedings to revoke BP’s Corporate charter. His name is Beau Biden. He’s related to somebody fameous. You can email his office at: Attorney.General@State.DE.US

GreenChange.org started supporting the effort to revoke British Petroleum's corporate charger after the video was made.

In the blog posting, the Punk Patriot also asked people to contact MoveOn.org to ask them to support the campaign to revoke British Petroleum's corporate charter.

The Punk Patriot also has his own YouTube channel.



  1. Dave Dubya Says:
  2. This is great. Now we need to expand this into a movement to revoke corporate personhood entirely. If BP had the accountability, and not just the privilege of personhood, their management would be locked up for mass manslaughter and unprecedented eco-terrorism. If a non-corporate entity had caused this we would be screaming for vengeance and at war against the perpetrators.

  3. RickB Says:
  4. Happy independence from the dead hand of British monarchy (shame we never managed that) and what better day to sanction BP & seize all their money to fund the clean up. Monarchy/corporatocracy, both are tyrannies.

  5. libhom Says:
  6. Dave: Yeah, corporate personhood is definitely a crock. If corporations are persons, then so are pet rocks.

    RickB: Your comment got me thinking. Our parasitical oligarchy has one big difference from your parasitical monarchy. Most of them prefer to keep a low profile in the hopes that most Americans won't even realize that the oligarchy exists.

    Thanks for the holiday greetings.



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