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The Afghanistan War Has Been Going on Nine Years As of Today

Posted by libhom Thursday, October 07, 2010

Think what we could have done with all the money we wasted.



  1. Ahab Says:
  2. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been enormous fiscal black holes. We'll be feeling the economic, political, and social ramifications of these senseless wars for decades to come.

  3. Thomas Says:
  4. For one, we could have avoided, or at least softened, a major economic implosion.

  5. A relatively small number of people have made obscene amounts of money. And remember those pallets of cash that disappeared? Not an accident. But no worries, Obama is going to get every US soldier out of Iraq. Except for 50,000 of them. And the others will be sent to Afghanistan. Change we can believe in, my ass.

  6. if obama really wanted to get out of afghanistan - he would - and fuck what the generals say -

    but he doesnt want to - and neither does ANYONE is congress - it enriches their benefactors and makes the masses fearful - exactly what they need and want to stay in power

  7. Ahab Says:
  8. Distributorcap -- No big surprise. Obama, like almost all politicians, is beholden to the corporations making money from the wars.

    :: sighs ::



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