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Scott Brown Condones Simulated Necrophilia

Posted by libhom Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Former nude centerfold and current rabid homophobe Scott Brown did something I thought even he wouldn't do recently. He condoned simulated necrophilia. Linda McMahon's campaign has provided video proof that Brown has actually campaign for her.

Keep in mind that Ms. McMahon's WWE put simulated necrophilia on nationwide TV while she was CEO. This is widely known in New England, yet Brown appeared at the rally and promoted the former WWE CEO/Diva as a Senate candidate.

Obviously, Brown is not sufficiently opposed to broadcasting simulated sex with the dead. It must not be that big of a deal to him. Otherwise, he wouldn't be campaigning for McMahon. Brown is a train wreck.

I wonder if her WWE content or her WWE layoffs are more responsible for Linda McMahon's falling poll numbers.




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