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A Reminder About Global Warming

Posted by libhom Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dusty at It's My Right to Be Left of Center has a widget on her sidebar from CO2Now.org reminding readers about the rising levels of CO2 in our atmosphere. I picked one that I thought was especially appropriate for this blog posting from that site.

Atmospheric CO2 data

If you like this one, here's sample code you can use to add it to a blog posting on your site.

Despite all the other things on our minds and despite all the bullshit corporate propaganda meant to baffle us, we have to keep the following in mind.

Global Warming is real.

Global Warming is caused by humans.

If we don't do more about Global Warming, the results will be catastrophic.

We need to keep fighting for clean energy, for public transportation, and for conservation. Corporations are designed to only be concerned with short term profits. People live with the long term consequences.




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