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A Lot of People Care About Global Warming

Posted by libhom Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Considering how little coverage Global Warming has gotten as a campaign issue this year in the corporate media and how much time and ink those outlets give to corporate shills who lie about the problem, one might think that the issue wasn't heavily present in peoples' minds.

That would be wrong. On 10/10/10, there were over 7,000 events for people fighting Global Warming. These "work parties" had a serious message. The start of 350.org's press release gives a general idea of what went on.

"Work Parties" Issue a Political Challenge: Get to Work on Climate Solutions
World's Biggest Day of Climate Action Unites 7,000 rallies in 188 Countries

Washington, DC – Just weeks before elections in the United States and climate talks at the United Nations, citizens from Afghanistan to West Virginia joined 350.org's "10/10/10 Global Work Party" to issue a unified demand that politicians stop dragging their feet and get to work on climate solutions.

Leading by example, citizens in 188 countries joined more than 7,000 climate "work parties" over the weekend to get to work installing solar panels, weatherizing homes, planting trees, and then calling politicians to ask a simple question, "We're getting to work, what about you?"

"The fossil fuel industry may have thought that the collapse of the Copenhagen talks and its victory in the U.S. Congress were the final word—that people would give up in discouragement," said acclaimed environmental writer and 350.org founder Bill McKibben. "The turnout today—at what is almost certainly the most widespread day of political action in the planet’s history—demonstrates that people are fed up with the inaction of their leaders and ready to take matters into their own hands. Game on."

The press release also provides us with an idea of the extent of involvement.
10/10/10 Global Work Party highlights include:

* In Instanbul, Turkey, 7,000 marched for climate action
* In China, 30,000 students joined over 300 events across the country
* In Bangladesh, citizens demonstrated knee deep in the flood waters that are affecting hundreds of thousands of people
* In Hamadan, Iran, hundreds of students attended an environmental symposium
* In Afghanistan, groups of students planted trees in a valley outside Kabul
* In South Africa, a local business installed solar panels on the roof of an orphanage
* In the United States, there were over 2,000 rallies with events in all 50 states, including 400 clean energy rallies in California

Climate Change is a big deal, not just in terms of the planet, but as an issue people want addressed.

One thing you can do to fight Global Warming is to learn about the dangers of coal and educate others.

Learn More and Sign the Sierra Club's Petition!


1 Responses to A Lot of People Care About Global Warming

  1. Ahab Says:
  2. Thanks for bringing attention to environmental issues. The coal issue definitely needs to be on the public radar.

    I saw the damage from coal mining when I traveled through western Pennsylvania, and it's no joke. Fly-ash dumping controversies, gaping wounds in the ground from mining -- what a mess.



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