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The RCC's Priest Shortage Making a Difference

Posted by libhom Tuesday, October 26, 2010

statue of evil priest praying
Photo: mendhak

One day, will peoples' memories of the Roman Catholic priesthood be limited to sinister statues in museums?

There is a lot that is awful about the Roman Catholic Church's discrimination against women, mandate for celibacy (with the exception of having sex with children), harassment of gay priests, and the numerous child molestation scandals. But, there is one good impact of all of this: the growing shortages of priests. Here are some examples of the positive impact this trend already is having.

Anointing of the sick another loss in U.S. priest shortage (USA Today 1/28/10)

Fiftieth parish closes in Diocese of Cleveland’s consolidation program (Catholic News Agency 7/1/10)

Priest shortage leads to closing of Okla. church (Times Record News 3/9/10)

Church lacks enough pastors (The Post and Courier 4/18/10)

As priest numbers fall, even Catholic Spain is not immune to a crisis of faith (Guardian 12/13/09)

The situation has gotten so comical that the RCC is even outsourcing some of the priesthood to guys from India. The day may arrive when the Roman Catholic priesthood is limited to a few creeps watching child porn in the Vatican.



  1. In the parish some family members (in south Jersey) go to (every week, yeah, I know), they had to import in Nigerian priests. I guess India is next, but I'm pretty sure only one state, Goa, has a significant catholic presence (thank to the Portugese). After the church taps out Goa, then where do they go?

  2. Ahab Says:
  3. I certainly won't grieve if the Catholic Church runs out of priests. They did it to themselves by driving away candidates with any shred of moral fiber.



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