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Get Equal has launched a donor boycott against politicians and organizations that haven't done enough to fight for queer equality. Here's the text of their petition.

GetEQUAL has launched a campaign called "We'll Give When We GetEQUAL," asking LGBT Americans and straight allies to withhold time and money from political entities that are not fighting as hard for our equality as they are for our checkbooks.

We're not the first ones to voice frustration with both Democrats and Republicans for holding our equality hostage (see here, here, and here). And we're not going away -- despite the efforts of Democratic apologists who continue to raise the specter of President Palin to scare us into donating.

Are we asking you not to vote? Absolutely not -- too many social movements have fought for that hard-earned right that must not be thrown away. Are we asking you not to donate or support pro-equality candidates? That's up to you -- there are several pro-equality candidates that need support, especially because they are minority voices in their party.

Are we asking you to withhold money and time from those who refuse to find concrete ways to work toward our collective equality? YES!

Our tolerance and patience -- while we lose our jobs, are denied our right to marry, are forbidden to serve our country openly, and are forced to watch our youth kill themselves because they have no dignity or hope -- is gone. We are asking you to withhold your support from political parties and committees until President Obama, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, takes the first step toward LGBT equality and signs an Executive Order to IMMEDIATELY halt all military discharges of lesbian, gay, and bisexual soldiers.

Why continue to organize on behalf of politicians when we need to be organizing for ourselves?

Still not sure about the campaign? Check out our FAQ page to get all of your questions answered!

In response to the email originally calling for this campaign, a DNC vice chair threw a brief tantrum and made laughable claims that he actually has raised more money from queers this year than ever. (That is quite giggle worthy.)

I also can't help but laugh at how the Democratic Party establishment uses the idea of a President Palin to scare liberals and queers into going along with how we have been betrayed. Those hucksters know damn well that the GOP simply isn't going to nominate any woman for President.




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