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Remember Amendment 2 from Colorado? That wasn't the last hate Amendment in that state. There is an Amendment 62, which uses the fraudulent premise that human life begins at conception to not only try to ban abortion in the cases of rape and incest, but to ban most forms of birth control, and to ban embryonic stem cell research. You can learn more about this misogynist, hate Amendment from the No 62 campaign.

The Young Turks did a great video on this subject.

The opposition to birth control and stem cell research proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the anti choice movement doesn't give a rats ass about "human life." Of course, their opposition to life saving condom distribution and real HIV education proved that point long ago. These people are rabidly anti sex, except for all the sex they are having.

Militant, Christian fundamentalists like to pretend that they are so much more moral than the rest of us. Yet, when they aren't busy stealing money from their congregations, molesting children, or breaking all of their own sexual taboos, they are so fond of act that is supposed to be immoral in every value system I've ever heard of: lying.



  1. These people just hate the idea of anyone having sex without punishment (unwanted pregnancy, STD, etc.)

  2. Ahab Says:
  3. Once the Religious Right takes away the right to choose, they'll target birth control and safe sex measures with the same venom. That doesn't bode well for men, women, or society at large.

  4. JDM Says:
  5. And yet they're having lotsa deviant sex themselves. I don't get it. And that's condomed dildo up the butt with two wet suits sex - I'm not talking about run of the mill gay or straight sex.



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