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Bigot Pelosi Uses Divide and Conquer Against Queers

Posted by libhom Saturday, September 29, 2007

Having lived in the Bay Area when Nancy Pelosi originally ran for her House seat, I have unpleasant memories of how she gay-baited the initial frontrunner, openly gay Supervisor Harry Britt. The homophobic campaign tactics occurred when the queer community in San Francisco was most devastated by the impact of AIDS, and it got Pelosi into Congress.

Since then, that vicious bigot has pretended to support the lgbt community in public while doing absolutely nothing of substance for us. She has used her power as a major Democratic Party fundraiser to intimidate queer politicians into silence.

I was filled with dread when I heard that Pelosi was going to be the next House Speaker. I was hoping, irrationally, that she would be less hateful and bigoted against queers as House Speaker than she had been in the past.

My hopes were in vain.

Pelosi has engineered a scheme to divide queers and make it more difficult to get ENDA through a conference committee. She has maneuvered to eliminate the transgender community from ENDA.

Pelosi knew that all credible and honorable queer organizations have insisted that our trans sisters and brothers be included in ENDA. Pelosi knew that if she got trans inclusion removed from ENDA, it would pit trans queers against other queers. It also would pit partisan hacks against queers with integrity.

Worst of all, she did this knowing that Bush would veto ENDA in any form. This was gratuitous sabotage against our civil rights movement.

Pelosi's ultimate goals are:

  • to keep the queer community too divided to fight for our rights if Democrats get the White House and keep Congress

  • to keep the queer community in San Francisco so weak politically that they can't fight back against her and her homophobia. After all, they have all the power they need to get that bigot out of Congress if they work together.

We need to unite as a community against bigots like Nancy Pelosi.


  1. your called Bro - big time.

    That bitch ! and yes thats exactly what she is doing..and its so retro. And any LBGTs out there that think there is any such thing as a "good gay" these people (log cabinettes i am talking to you and you dem.lovers too) forget it. And we must INSIST and shame Pelosi and Franks for thier dubious friendships..enough already for it takes time..and changing it from the inside and legislation is like sausage..I call Bullshit. See we lost more than half our tribe in the 80's and we WERE once a powerful and wealthy constituency THANK LARRY KRAMER ! WE acted up and we got results, we built the finest models of safe sex education, and social service networks for our medical patients. WE DID THIS ALONE us LGBTs together united. BE very proud of us.

    Pelosi..that was good scoop LGH i was not in SF then.I was in NYC doing my masters on the running record of HIV in 85 etc. early times. The Democrats are exploiting us ! Its pure and simple based on our irrational hope..as you said..LBH..our "mythical dems..

    Fuckin Clinton a case in Point..

    Neo cons and Neo Libs are the same beast.

    And we love our transgendered family and will not leave them behind. no way , no how.

    End. manifesto. now...*g*

  2. Cindi Knox Says:
  3. Amen, my godless friend!

    Divide and be Conquered

  4. libhom Says:
  5. Proudprogressive: I hope you get a chance to vote for Cindy Sheehan. We need to let the Democratic leadership know we aren't taking it any more.

  6. GLH, rest assured if i could i would I am in NM, but i got a few friends in Berkeley..not Pelosi's district. I am a registrered Green , so disenchanted with the dims am i.

    What you brought up is such an important issue here for the young and the older of us..How they do seek to divide and conquer us. WE must be intransigent about this ENDA business. We will NEVER leave our TG friends, family , brothers and Sisters behind. Its not the LGB movement and it never will be. Thank you for the action links above ..i will be taking action immediately ! And likely make sure these links are shared.

    Here in NM we have TG in our legislation..i was in the gallery when it passed..with one of my best friends who is Post Op , yep. It took equality NM 12 yrs to do this..But there was NO question that TG were NOT a bargaining chip..

    Shame on the dems , using us as a political football too, jut like the thugs use the fundies ..

    Thanks again for your pithy ( i lack pithy ..lol) analysis.



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