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Some of the Big Name Corporations That Support the Burma Dictatorship

Posted by libhom Friday, September 28, 2007

The Burma Campaign UK has an extensive list of corporations supporting the brutal military dictatorship in Burma.

Here are some of the more familiar names to those of us who live here in the US.

Daewoo International Corporation
Fodor's/Random House
Lonely Planet

There was an excellent article on TomPaine.com, connecting the dots between the Bush regime, Halliburton, Chevron, and the Burmese regime.


  1. Jeb Koogler Says:
  2. Hey - I just came across your blog. Looks interesting. Care to exchange links?




  3. Thank you for this excellent post to help us connect the dots. The situation has been breaking my heart.

    - fondly PP (another godless liberal homo and proud of it ) I think i will blog roll you this minute. Hey i am a former NYer too, and spent some good time in San Francisco as well

    The people united will never be defeated ! ( i gotta believe that)

  4. Hope you don't mind I had to post about your post today and link to it.

    Thank you for this research again. Its very important to me ty.LGH.

    - PP

  5. Robert Rouse Says:
  6. Actually, you can thank Proud Progressive for alerting me to your place. I have added you to my blogroll and my daily rounds for the Blog World Report.


  7. underground Says:
  8. Unfortunately, China, India, France and England all have energy investments in Burma.

    While we blame Bush - Bush and McCain are blaming China and India's signing more contracts with the military government. Total, a French oil company operating in Burma, says "things would be worse if they left." Russia wants to sell nuclear technology to the ruling government.

    No one's going to jump out and fix it because everyone's part of the problem.

  9. underground..you hit it on the head, every one is part of the problem - the New world Order of transnational free and unfair trade. The final grabs for peaked oil. The off shore tax dodging..makes one truly wonder, especially with the total insanity regarding both Iraq and Iran perculating ..when exactly our nuclear winter is coming. The inmates are running the asylum. If Native prophecies hold true and they just might..it will not be long till mother earth shakes off us humans. We got it coming thats for sure. What a sordid , out of balance , non humane world we have created - and the power driver is NOT love...but greed. greed. greed.

    Our Karma is gonna be a bitch and it may be instant.



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