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Hypocrisy and Crimes Far Worse Than Restroom Play

Posted by libhom Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Taboo violation alert:
If you are offended by someone telling the truth when society is deeply in denial, skip the rest of this post.

Soliciting for sex in a bathroom should not be illegal or a big deal.

I know this is heresy in our homophobic and sexphobic society, but it is time people start saying it. The sexual envy that drives people to demonize and criminalize consensual sex is fueled by the very same demonization and criminalization. It is a vicious circle that makes everyone involved miserable. If you really are offended by Larry Craig subtly hitting on an undercover cop, you need to get laid, and you need to make getting laid a top priority.

Larry Craig deserves zero sympathy from the queer community.

Not only did Craig have a viciously homophobic voting record, he also made immoral statements condemning homosexuality. (And, yes, it is overdue for people to point out that heterosexist bigotry is immoral, not homosexuality.) Craig promoted discrimination and violence against other queers so he could stay in the closet. That is completely disloyal as well as hypocritical. Craig was an instigator deeply involved in the forces that appear to have brought him down.

There is far worse hypocrisy and criminality in Washington, DC.

Look at how Bush, Cheney, and other members of that unelected regime defrauded Congress and the public in order to win support for the Iraq war. Fraud is a crime, yet it has yet to be prosecuted. And, the GOP overlords who demanded Craig's resignation have yet to demand the resignation of Bush or Cheney.

Of course, the criminality involving Iraq is hardly limited to the lies before the war. The war in Iraq itself is a war of aggression, a crime against humanity under international law. That war also is an act of genocide, the most heinous of war crimes. All the politicians that pushed the war and all the politicians that have voted to fund it are literally guilty of crimes against humanity. That makes them subject to criminal prosecution in any country in the world for the rest of their lives.

Think of all the politicians who run on anti-crime platforms only to commit crimes that overshadow those of the worst street gangs. Where are the pundits decrying that hypocrisy?

I'm not waiting for the wave of mass resignations in Washington over these crimes.


  1. Brandon Says:
  2. While I would agree with you that consensual sex shouldn't be illegal, I favor legalizing prostitution, I don't agree that having sex in a public bathroom is OK. The last thing that I want to see when I go in a restroom is two people having sex, regardless of whether it's two men or a man and a woman.

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. I'd have to agree that bathroom sex is not acceptable. I don't think I'd like to take my young kids into a public restroom and have them see that sort of thing. There is a time and place for consensual sex amongst adults, out in public is not one of them.

  5. libhom Says:
  6. The mystification of sex in our society damages children and makes them easier targets for sexual predators. Sex is a natural and psychologically important part of life. Hiding sex away like it is shameful sends the worst possible message to children.



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