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Those Good Old Regime Change Begins at Home Playing Cards

Posted by libhom Saturday, September 22, 2007

I went to the WBAI book sale this week. A Pacifica station that gives people access to information and views often taboo in the corporate media, WBAI is one of New York City's greatest treasures.

Their book sale certainly did not disappoint. One of the better finds was the "Regime Change Begins at Home" playing cards. You probably remember the playing cards the Bush regime created with pictures of people Big Oil and war profiteers wanted captured or killed during the early days of the Iraq War. If you followed the alternative media at the time, you should also remember that this aspect of the occupation inspired several parody card sets. The one I bought this week is quite amusing.

The description on the box is stark, apt, and funny.

A set of playing cards to help you identify the profiteers and warmongers who have seized control of America.

Spades: Department of Imperialism
Clubs: Department of Homeland Insecurity
Diamonds: Department of War Profiteering
Hearts: Department of Propaganda

Rumsfeld is the Queen of Spades. Ariel Sharon is the Two of Spades. James A. Baker III (Senior Counselor, the Carlyle Group) gets to be the Nine of Diamonds. Dick Cheney is the Ace of Clubs. Judith Miller gets her place as the Six of Hearts.

The Jokers, Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton, are particularly appropriate. The quote from her spokeperson is chilling.
Senator Clinton fully supports the steps the president has taken to disarm Iraq.

These days, Clinton is criticizing Bush, but she still supports the US occupation of Iraq. She says she wants to continue the war, but with fewer troops (at least when she is talking to the New York Times).

The New Press still offers the cards for sale.



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