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Incredible Blogging on Burma at Ten Percent

Posted by libhom Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ten Percent always has been an important blog, but the current postings on Burma have taken it to a new level. By gathering information by a variety of international activist and media sources, this blog is giving readers far better coverage of what is going on than any corporate media outlet here in the US.

See for Yourself.


  1. Robert Rouse Says:
  2. My city has the largest Burmese population outside of Burma. Yesterday they had a rally I attended and I was able to speak to one of the monks and the organizer. I have it on video at place.


  3. wow what a fine blog GLH , you really bang it out so constructively and consistently..my heart sings. I just blog rolled Ten percent. This has been a wonderful few days of making connections with eachother. All this thinking must effect the collective unconscience somehow. Now if we can enrich Kucinich..and the Green Party with all this intelligence , energy, and talent..We may be able to join our more progressive European Neighbors and actulze the fact that many of us consider ourselves gloal citizens..(sorry i am a broken record - i am on a "hope and solutions" bender i guess)

    His message can go truly national. It transcends both party lines really. And i am feeling big love for all of you kind folks i had the good luck of finally discovering..Thank you , one and all !

    - fondly pp (the accidental blogger..but thats another story)

  4. oh heck i wasn't gonna add a PP .ps but i am incorigable...GLH you gotta see a fellow NY'er Christopher's blog From the left..he just visited notes..and said he was blog rolling you and funny i could have sworn i found YOU there..Its a great week for connections as i said..and From the left will be a spot you are likely to enjoy..expect to see Christopher here soon..

    WE are such a wonderful tribe. And Robert works tirelessly to bring us all together all us forward thinkers. Anyhow..its sunday and we are all still writing and educationg eachother for out of our unselfish love and concern for humanity. Nice crowd if you ask me ! its just a fine day in the godless neighborhood.

  5. RickB Says:
  6. The cheque's in the post, (grabbing that info you had about Chevron), across the board it is how I feared, strong sounding words, zero action. Capital is doing well enough with Burma as it is and that democracy stuff...what if a new govt. didn't take the IMF/Worldbank poisoned chalice! We gonna have to do this without governments and their corporate allies. But I think this is it, the beginning of the end of the Generals, intelligent boycotts and support for the democracy movement and pressure on the regimes protectors.

  7. LET'S TALK Says:
  8. I can't understand why China has not steped in and done anything.

  9. libhom Says:
  10. let's talk:

    China has made it clear in its diplomatic initiatives to a lot of countries that it considers other countries' internal policies to be none of China's business.

    This policy is making lots of money for China, but having horrible consequences in Darfur and Burma.

    It's like China has been completely taken over by Republicans.

  11. LET'S TALK Says:
  12. Thanks for this site and post on Burma. I've been trying to understand just why some type of help has not been offered to end this protest.

    I have two sites that might interest you as well: see Asian Tribune and Narinjara

  13. JayV Says:
  14. TenPercent is da Bomb! I read it regularly!



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