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Heterosexist House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a contact page in her capacity as House Speaker. You can go there and let her know that your are outraged by her effort to divide and weaken us queers politically by kicking trans people out of ENDA.

Contact That Bigot Now!

If you live in Barney Frank's district, you should let him know you are angry at him for selling ALL of us out.


  1. Libhom,

    Thanks for this post. I haven’t really followed much of Nancy’s actions because I’m so disgusted by her and Harry Reid. The sad part is Clinton is right up there with Nancy yet so many in our community are enthralled by Hillary’s so called record on gay rights. I hope the folks in San Fran rally behind Cindy Sheehan. I would love to see her take Nancy’s seat.

  2. For what its worth on Pams house blend there have been some interesting threads on ENDA. The large majority of us..thanks to reminders from people like you GLH realize Divided we fall..and i got a good reminder that the HRC is a political PAC not a human rights group. And hillary who they woo , IS NOT A FRIEND of OUR community - they need to go out on a limb..dammit..and support the one guy who truly is..but they are opportunists too...same shit, different day. Apparently though they finally took a stand on the TG inclusion..dang..took long enough..but they whispered it now didn't they. OUR pac. should back the MOST totally committed candidate to our civil liberties..and the candidates are not all =

    HRC check yourselves. Whose side are you all on anyhow ?

    anything short is a sell out.



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