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Ian Brown and Sinead O'Connor have a new song, “Illegal Attacks,” out to oppose the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. (The latter is going in an unofficial capacity with special ops attacks.)

Full lyrics are available at Ten Percent, which pointed out the song to me.

Americans often see butt-kissing politicians like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and think that the British are OK with the war in Iraq. But, the British public is less inclined to pander to the Bush regime. The Iraq war has created so much understandable hostility that even the Afghanistan war is being seriously called into question.

The Afghanistan war could serve a worthwhile purpose: going after the Taliban and Al Qaeda. However, the Bush regime has understaffed the war, even with allied help, and is resorting to near random bombing in the country. Some people in that country are starting to think they would be safer under the Taliban, which is a huge indication of the failure of the Bush regime's prosecution of the war.

The Iraq War is diverting troops away from going after Al Qaeda while alienating the allies who are taking up some of the slack in Afghanistan. With the possibility of large-scale air attack on Iran looming, the Bush regime seems determined to drive a deeper wedge between us and the few allies our country still has left.

1 Responses to A Reminder of How the Iraq War Is Creating Resentment Against the US in Britain

  1. Not surprised at all. I am convinced that world leaders are so sick of the stubborn, cocky, imbecile in the White House that they are not seriously dealing with this administration anymore. BTW, I thought Vicente Fox’s comments were right on. Of course the media won’t give it much play and the Democrats are too cowardly to state the obvious. We can only hope that all the death and violence these war criminals have caused will haunt them to their graves.



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