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A Fundamentalist Web Site That Really Sucks

Posted by libhom Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jesus can't save his followers from bad web design.

(It would be an awful lot to ask of a dead guy.)

A thought along the lines of "all fundamentalist web sites suck" may be going through your head. In terms of content, you would be absolutely right. However, I'm talking about a web site whose design is like a tutorial in how not to design for the Web:


It is listed as one of The Worst Non/Not-for-Profit Web Sites of 2007: January through June by webpagesthatsuck.com. Here are some of the many web design mistakes this goofy fundie makes.

  • The background has an irregular variety of dark and light color, making it impossible to get enough contrast for all the text to be easily readable.

  • Said background is really ugly.

  • Much of the text is too small, making it irritating for some and unreadable for some others.

  • The link color and unlinked text colors often are too similar.

  • Headings are in a variety of fonts and sizes that confuse and disorient the user rather than communicating about the purposes of the headings.

  • There are lots of colors that clash, and the colors are arranged in a way that increases the clashing.

  • Some text is double spaced. Some text is single spaced. There is no rhyme or reason to it.

  • Some links are underlined, but some are not.

  • The site uses too much centered text.

  • Centered and left-justified text are used inconsistently.

  • There are too many links on a single page. If the content was worth looking at, finding what your are looking for would be very frustrating.

  • The page abruptly changes design part way down.

  • The page is way too long.

  • Animated gifs are thrown in for bad measure.

  • A scrolling marquee was added just because it could be added.

  • Lots of the graphics are very low in quality. Some are barely readable.

The site's author also made an amusing tactical error in putting a "Say No to Psychiatry" banner link a ways down on the site. It just gives the visitor too many ideas about the author.

Also, it probably wasn't such a good idea to start a paragraph as follows:
The world has become a large insane asylum; people are crazy and confused...

1 Responses to A Fundamentalist Web Site That Really Sucks

  1. Candace Says:
  2. When I come across a site like that, I feel like I'm getting an inside look at the person's mind. The thought processes are bizarre, illogical, jumbled, frightening. Then I feel like I need a bath.

    At least this one was humorous. I especially loved this:

    "When you give your heart to God, he combs all the kinks out of your head." Umkay... maybe not.

    I'm glad to have found your blog, Libhom! Visiting here from Left of Centrist.



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