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Faux News Under Fire for Pro-Escalation Bias

Posted by libhom Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Robert Greenwald has posted this video plus text commentary on the Fox Attacks web site. They summed up the Faux News coverage of the "Betray Us" hearings as follows:

To laugh at the ridiculousness, to scream at the outrageous or to... Well fox went to new lows in their analysis of Petraeus' testimony last week. When our friends at Media Matters let us know that they had 7 to 1 analysts in favor of escalation, it was hard to believe, even for FOX! 22 minutes supporting the escalation and only 3 and half against it. They went to such great lengths, they even cut away to Ann Coulter when Democrats questioned Petraeus!

Faux News is hardly alone in pro-war bias. All of the corporate news broadcasts propagandize for the war on a consistent basis. The main difference is that Faux News beats you over the head with it, leaving any subtlety to its competitors.

The most repugnant aspect of the video to me is that Faux used fanatical homophobe and white-supremacist, Ann Coulter, supposedly as an analyst. (I've yet to see the Coultergeist actually analyze anything.) She claimed that people who don't want our troops to die for a bunch of crooked corporations and Christian religious extremists "hate our troops."

Of course, Coulter gave us some unintentional humor when she said that people who disagree with the war "want us to lose." The fact is that the Bush regime already has lost the Iraq war. It doesn't matter whether anyone wants the Bush regime to win or lose. The outcome already has been decided. Yet, it is taboo throughout the corporate media to actually acknowledge this fact.



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