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FAIR Gets It on Democrats and the War

Posted by libhom Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) made some excellent points on the options in front of Democrats regarding the second Iraq war in their 9/13/07 Media Advisory.

Media Misrepresent Dems' Options on Iraq War
Confusing 'can't' and 'won't'

FAIR summarized the propaganda in the corporate media as follows:

The point made by these media outlets again and again is that the Democrats have little power to affect policy in Iraq because it would be difficult to pass legislation over a potential Republican filibuster, and even harder to pass a bill over a presidential veto. This sentiment is also voiced by many Democratic politicians, many of whom consider themselves opponents of the war. But passing a filibuster- or veto-proof bill is not their only option.

FAIR stated the actual facts later:
The problem with all these accounts is that Congress does not have to pass legislation to bring an end to the war in Iraq--it simply has to block passage of any bill that would continue to fund the war. This requires not 67 or 60 Senate votes, or even 51, but just 41--the number of senators needed to maintain a filibuster and prevent a bill from coming up for a vote. In other words, the Democrats have more than enough votes to end the Iraq War--if they choose to do so.

The truth needs to get out in order to put pressure on pro-war Democrats like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to listen to the people and stop the war.

1 Responses to FAIR Gets It on Democrats and the War

  1. RickB Says:
  2. More and more I think any anti war position taken by a lot of Dems is just that, an empty position they know they will never have to prove until their supporters ask them this question about blocking funding. I think it is entirely possible if not probable that in 2012 the Dem Whitehouse encumbent (or GOP for that matter) will be explaining how some troops are still needed, just give it six months.
    'Help me Obi Wan Kucinich, you're our only hope'



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