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How Bad Would Larry Summers Be as Treasury Secretary?

Posted by libhom Saturday, November 15, 2008

In a previous posting, I discussed how Summers' efforts for deregulation and corporate controlled trade deals make him too dangerous and incompetent to be Treasury Secretary. Summers' misogyny and racism are important concerns as well.

Some people are saying that Summers is no longer a favorite to be chosen as Treasury Secretary. I don't think we can take chances. That useless whack job must be stopped. If he gets the job, I'm almost certain there will be another stock market crash.

Here are some good blog postings against Summers. Let's hope Obama is serious about real change and doesn't pick one of the worst Clinton administration retreads imaginable.

Larry Summers So Brilliant He Forecast the Financial Crisis After It Started!

Tell me he won't do this!

Obama's Appointments: Change or More of the Same?

Larry Summers Should Not Be Treasury Secretary (excellent points about what Summers did to Russia and the Russian people are included)


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  2. Agree 100%



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