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Reader Poll on Blog Format

Posted by libhom Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Using the first few paragraphs and then linking to full postings has gotten popular these days. I wonder what the readers of this blog think about this. I have my own preference, but I think the views of the people reading this blog are more important.

Vote Early, But Not Often!



  1. GDAEman Says:
  2. Hi,

    Here are my thoughts

    1) For long posts, it's just a little easier to scroll thru shortened versions.

    2) I suspect it might help gather statistics, like those by StatCounter. You might have noticed "zero" time visited. I read that this is a false signal; that you only get a time estimate if the visitor clicks something else... Read More might help this. (just a weakly informed hunch).

    3) I like graphics. I usually try to add one at the top of a post. The Read More allows eye candy lovers to more easily get their fix.

    4) I've started to try to figure this out, and like an itch, I need to figure it out! Then I can always revert to NOT having the "Read Me" element in my page ;-p

    Oops! I Better go vote.

  3. Lew Scannon Says:
  4. I'm less likely to "read more", especially if there's no hook to the post.

  5. Bluebear2 Says:
  6. I guess it would depend on how many posts there were in a given time span or the number displayed on the front page.

    Lots of posts - short introductions can cut down on page load time for the slowpokes on dial-up.

    Fewer posts - probably better to have the whole story since as lew says people might be less inclined to read the whole story. (I find myself guilty of that as well)

  7. Tengrain Says:
  8. I don't have the attention span to click a link, wait for it to redraw the browser and then read on.

    I mean, you've seen my posts? That is about all I can handle.





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