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I don't think networks are legally able to censor political ads based on content. Taking advantage of this is the National Republican "Trust." But, they aren't too smart. They ran a racist ad about Rev. Wright on a show with a heavily liberal audience. At least they didn't run it on a dumber and more vulnerable audience, say the people who watch the falafel man, Bill O'Reilly. That might have helped John McCain.

Still, can Republicans ever be decent human beings? Have the people who run that party completely lost their humanity?

People should be embarrassed to be associated in any way with the GOP.



  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Still, can Republicans ever be decent human beings?

    Is that rhetorical? ;-)

  3. JayV Says:
  4. kvatch....LOL. I am so sick of hearing most of the news reports today saying this has been the longest and most expensive election in history. But as soon as November 5th comes, I realise it's just the beginning to organise (once again) for more systemic change.



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