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Utah Publication's Firing of Gay Columnist

Posted by libhom Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Salt Lake City Weekly has dropped the online column of Dan Savage because he did what any self respecting lesbian, gay, bi, or trans person did. He called for a boycott of the Hate State.

Do these morons think that firing a queer columnist will make us want to rush right out and buy tickets to fly to their racist, sexist, heterosexist, and anti-atheist state? The firing of Dan Savage just gives us queers another reason to boycott them.

There are two lessons in all of this.

1) The problems with Utah are not limited to the Mormons.

2) Salt Lake City definitely is part of the problem.

I am so sick of people from Utah whining about the boycott. Don't complain to me or any other queer about it. Complain to the Mormons and other Utah bigots like the ones that run the Salt Lake City Weekly. What have the whiners done to destroy the Mormon Church, which is Utah's version of the Ku Klux Klan?

(sound of crickets chirping)



  1. Blogdor Says:
  2. Remeber me. Go ahead and boycott Utah. But just be sure you boycott EVERYTHING from Utah, including the power, water, and cheap get-away-from-California vacation homes to which liberals are so attached. A selective boycott (Sundance, Park City and Moab) is bigoted, biased, and unconstitutional.

  3. Jimmy Says:
  4. How the heck can it be unconstitutional?

  5. Blogdor Says:
  6. Just borrowing some vocabulary for hyperbole's sake. But seriously, the kind of boycott that would actually hurt Utah's brand, its economy, and maybe help to destroy the Great Evil isn't to boycott the attractions that Utahns mostly avoid anyway. This whole boycott conundrum elucidates the irony of California's liberally driven self insufficiency. No one is seriously going to consider boycotting those things that California won't or can't produce itself, including the fresh snow.

  7. libhom Says:
  8. Blogdor: The inanity of your comments is only heightened by the facts that I live in NY and that the Moron church's crusades are hardly limited to Prop 8.

  9. hr_g Says:
  10. I agree a boycott is in order and hopefully the sane Mormons will regain control of their church.

  11. Mike Says:
  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  
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  14. Anonymous Says:
  15. What disturbs me more than whether or not to boycott is the paper's reason for dropping Savage. What was their response? Has there been one? Of course, I know it was over his stance on the boycott--but this bothers me as a professional writer. Sure, all papers have an editorial slant and can hire and fire editorial writers as they see fit. But they obviously knew he was gay and had hired him anyway. Just seems like more outright discrimination. Is the paper owned by Mormons or something? If they are, then fine, screw 'em. But if it's not "officially" controlled by church members, then this is ridiculous and shows how much true political power Mormons have that a paper would be pressured to drop a writer for expressing his right to an opinion.

  16. I've never spent a penny of my money in Utah. Prolly never will... And when I know which are the Mormon businesses they won't get my support either...

  17. Mike Says:
  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  
  19. Blogdor Says:
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