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Mormonism Is Based on Plagiarized Science Fiction

Posted by libhom Saturday, November 08, 2008

The money spent by the Mormon Church to pass Proposition 8 has generated a lot of anger in the queer community. That anger is perfectly understandable. Atheists should be angry too, given the fact that a church was meddling in politics to impose its religious beliefs on others who don't share them. Religious politicking is inherently discriminatory against us nonbelievers.

These circumstances seem like an excellent opportunity to educate people on the Mormon Church and its origins. The Latter Day Shitheads' leaders constantly lie and distort about their church to make it seem more socially acceptable. Never mind that the Mormon Church is openly misogynistic and heterosexist. Never mind that they still preach white supremacist hate when they are speaking among themselves in their own temples.

Perhaps when more people know the true nature of Mormonism, they will be less likely to go along with that church. The facts that I will be quoting about the origins of Mormonism are ones that I have read from numerous other sources in the past.

All churches start as cults. Like most of the people who start cults, Joseph Smith was a liar and a ripoff artist. Here is some information from The Mormon Curtain, an ex-Mormon website.


First and foremost, of course, among Mormonism's persistent plagiarists was its charismatic charlatan and philandering founder, Joseph Smith himself (1805-1844).

Smith (with the conniving assistance of Sidney Rigdon) ripped off the fictional manuscript writings of Congregationalist minister Solomon Spaulding (1761-1816) for the purpose of creating the equally fictional Book of Mormon.

In his devastating expose' of Smith's theft of others' hard-earned intellectual property (since he had no honest intellect of his own), researcher Vernal Holley exposes the spawned-by-Spaulding connection:

"[There are] many similarities between Spaulding's 'Manuscript Story' and the Book of Mormon. These are not vague similariites also found in other adventure stories; they are unique only to the works in question.

"How many books exist that have the same story outline as the Book of Mormon? How many stories tell of a record being written by the ancestors of the American Indians and buried by them to come forth at some future time when other people inherit their lands? How many tell of the same worship ceremonies, cultural technology, seer stones, and give the same descriptions of their fortifications and war stories? How many novels tell of a white God person whose teachings brought about a long period of peace followed by a war between kindred tribes in which the losing people are exterminated? Many similarities in the literary style of the two works have also been identified including identical word combinations, and the geograhpical settings of the two stories appear to be in the same area?

"Most skeptical readers of Spaulding's 'Manuscript Story' encounter difficulty in recognizing similarities between it and the Book of Mormon because they expect it to be written in the King James style complete with sentences beginning with "And it came to pass" and personal names similar to those in the Book of Mormon. When they cannot find these elements, they may lost interest and find it difficult to complete even a first reading. The problem is compounded when the reader is not a veteran student of the Book of Mormon. For example, if the reader is unaware that Gazelem, the Book of Mormon servant of the Lord, possessed a seer stone, the Spaulding seer stone might be passed over as insignificant.

"I believe that anyone who carefully studies all the material in [my] report will see that a relationship does exist between Solomon Spaulding's unpublished writing, called 'Manuscript Story,' and the Book of Mormon. The only significant difference between the two story outlines is the inclusion of the romance between Prince Eleson and Princess Lamess in 'Manuscript Story.' There is no such romance in the Book of Mormon.

"All the same, [Hugh] Nibley's assertion that the similarities between the 'Manuscript Story' and the Book of Mormon 'add up to nothing' seems to me to be an unfair conclusion. I believe the application of Nibley's rule (the closer the resemblance, the closer the connection) leaves little doubt that a connection does exist between Solomon Spaulding's writing and the Book of Mormon.

"So the question remains: How did this relationship come about? And, was the unfinished Spaulding 'Manuscript Story'--or an enlarged version--used by Joseph Smith as the groundwork for the Book of Mormon?"

(Vernal Holley, Book of Mormon Authorship: A Closer Look--A comprehensive study of the similarities between the Book of Mormon and the writings of Solomon Spaulding, 3rd edition, revised and enlarged [Roy, Utah: Vernal Holley, publisher, 1992], pp. 71-72)

People curious about the origins of Mormonism are encouraged to explore the online version of the book listed in the above paragraph. It is an earlier edition, but the pertinent information won't change.



  1. Christopher Says:
  2. Here’s some free speech and a reality check about the cult of Mormonism.


    Joseph Smith (the original Mormon pervert) was a serial adulterer


    Joseph Smith was a child rapist


    Joseph Smith was a pedophile

    If this freaky-ass, perverted asshole were alive today, he would be trying to find more female children bang and little 14 year old girls to rape, like Helen Mar Kimball.

    This is the irony of the Mormons “definite and immovable” bigotry against gay and lesbians Americans. Their dogma is informed by a belief system based on perversion.


  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. A while back, I bought a Book of Mormon as an effort to inform myself but never have read it. I pulled it off the bookshelf this weekend and plan to begin reading soon.

  5. Kent Larsen Says:
  6. You might want to check your facts before you post something like this.

    I can certainly understand not believing the Book of Mormon, and having doubts about Joseph Smith's story (although Christopher overstates his case considerably--calling Joseph Smith child rapist is kind of like calling Thomas Jefferson a racist).

    But when you use the Spaulding claim as the basis for your claims, you are using THE MOST discredited claim against the Book of Mormon.

    It makes you look ignorant to use this one.



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