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Republicans Boo Obama at McCain's Concession Speech

Posted by libhom Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I just saw this.

What more can I say about Republicans?



  1. Mauigirl Says:
  2. It's a great night for America.

    As for the Republicans, I have to admit John McCain did give a good concession speech and tried to unite the country. I hope it helps.

  3. They remain true to their nature right up until the very bitter end.

  4. dguzman Says:
  5. Was it just me, or did I hear a few boos when he thanked Sarah Palin too?

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. McCain did give a gracious speech, and he may have won had he used that approach earlier. What McCain didn't say bothered me the most. He acknowledged this is a good day for African-Americans, which this absolutley is. However, had he stated that while this was a good day for African-Americans, it was also a great day for people of all races, I think he'd have gone a long way to quashing some of the racial bias that some percentage of his supporters have.

  8. Ceara Says:
  9. I saw that too. I thought Really?

    Republicans want a country that would slaughter and en-slave those they believe to be lessor than them.


  10. Anonymous Says:
  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  
  12. Chandira Says:
  13. I know! How classless. I thought that too. Our household all commented on that. Did you hear the Dems cheering McCain during Obama's speech?
    I thought McCain's speech was really good. Been waiting to hear it a while now.. ;-)

  14. Anonymous Says:
  15. Do you think that it would have been any different at the Obama rally if he was giving his concession speech? I don't really think that it is fair to say that because some people booed then they must be bad or racist people, what about all those who booed at hillary's concession speach when Obama won the primary. Are those racist democrats?

  16. Jimmy Says:
  17. My Hoosier state came through!! My best friend and I were drinking champagne, well me mostly, when Obama won. Indiana's final results came in very late, but I knew we would do it.

  18. Anonymous Says:
  19. Um yeah, I saw/heard that last night. Was shocked, but at least McCain told them to stop.

  20. Nothing more needs to be said

  21. Anonymous Says:
  22. I heard some very loud boos when Palin was mentioned, too. Interesting.

  23. Rich Says:
  24. I'd like to say that I was surprised, but after watching the hate-filled rallies McCain and Palin have held the last few months (and defended), I knew that we hadn't seen the last of that red state mentality.

  25. badthing1 Says:
  26. Hi Libhom :)

    Kind of turns your stomach, doesn't it? and then when someone has the nerve to say that most Democrats are more compassionate and open-minded than Republicans, we find them wanting to use the term "compassionate conservative"

    How have you been? I've been pretty disappointed with the voters decision on California's Prop 8. :(



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