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Boycotting Glenn Beck Is Not Enough

Posted by libhom Monday, September 14, 2009

It's not uncommon for liberals and progressives to boycott a Faux News propagandist or the entire network. There's nothing wrong with doing this, but Faux News is part of a larger propaganda empire owned mostly by Australian fascist Rupert Murdoch. News Corp includes multiple cable networks, print publications, and websites. It all is part of a cohesive whole. The less overtly political parts of the conglomerate are used to subsidize the overt propaganda outlets.

Murdoch's hateful media empire is experiencing difficulties. News Corp is closing down The London Paper, a free tabloid which has lost money for a long time. This is part of broader problems in the house that hate built. Earlier this year, News Corp reported a $6.4 billion quarterly loss.

Every time you patronize any of the businesses in Murdoch's megacorporation, you are feeding the beast. Why do we finance someone who relentlessly propagandizes for extreme right causes? It is way past time for us to take our business elsewhere. I've included some of the higher profile News Corp media properties here in the US. If you are tired of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, or the relentless sleaze and hate in the New York Post, why are you helping to pay for that nonsense?

Liberals and progressives should do our part to turn News Corp into News Corpse.

All of these are wholly owned or majority owned by Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp media empire. There are plenty of other smaller properties as well as media outlets outside of the US. In the interests of keeping the post from getting excruciatingly long, they are omitted. You can find them on Wikipedia or other websites.

Major Newspapers:

- New York Post
- Wall Street Journal
- Barron's

Movie Studios:

- 20th Century Fox (and related studios)


- AmericanIdol.com
- AskMen
- Beliefnet
- Marketwatch
- MySpace
- Rotten Tomatoes
- Scout
- Spring Widgets

Broadcast TV Networks:

- My Network TV
- Fox Network

Cable TV Networks:

- Fox Business Network
- Fox Classics
- Fox Movie Channel
- Fox News Channel
- Fox Sports Net
- Fox Reality
- Fox College Sports
- Fox Sports International
- Fox Soccer Channel
- FX Networks.
- SPEED Channel
- Big Ten Network
- National Geographic Channels
- Real Estate TV
- BabyTV

Local FoxTV Stations (owned by News Corp):

WNYW-5 New York, WWOR-TV-9 New Jersey, KTTV-11-5 Los Angeles, KCOP-13 Los Angeles, WFLD-32 Chicago, WPWR-TV-50 Chicago, WTXF-TV-29 Philadelphia, WFXT-25 Boston, KDFW-4 Dallas, KDFI-27 Dallas, WTTG-5 Washington D.C., WDCA-20 Washington D.C., KMSP-TV-9 Minneapolis, WFTC-29 Minneapolis, WJBK-2 Detroit, WAGA-5 Atlanta, WUTB-24 Baltimore, KRIV-26 Houston, KTXH-20 Houston, WTVT-13 Tampa Bay, WRBW-65 Orlando, WOFL-35 Orlando, KSAZ-TV-10 Phoenix, KUTP-45 Phoenix, WHBQ-TV-13 Memphis, KTBC-7 Austin, WOGX-51 Ocala



  1. Uncle Mike Says:
  2. Hey godless liberal homo guy. Seek and you will find. There is God.
    Love, Mike

  3. Lew Scannon Says:
  4. If you have cable tv, and your provider carries any Fox station, a portion of what you pay for cable goes to subsidize Fox News. Fox charges cable providers for the privilege of carrying their stations, which many providers pass along to subscribers. Cut your cable, but make sure you write to your provider and tell them you no longer want to subsidize insanity en masse.

  5. Karlo Says:
  6. I don't have cable and do fine without it. I'd recommend to everyone to simply get a Netflix subscription, cut cable, and maybe get a blue-tooth connection so that you can beam free internet channels to a TV or a large computer screen. Cable is a huge waste of money. Personally, I can't stand to watch the mind-numbing ads and I also hate supporting all the nonsense and corrupt corporations. Good post!

  7. i left a LONG comment but it got eaten

    murdoch is the most evil man alive



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