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I Can Never Trust Michael Pollan Again After This

Posted by libhom Saturday, September 05, 2009

If you aren't aware of the reasons why Whole Foods richly deserves to be boycotted, please refer to my previous post on the subject.

Michael Pollan may seem like this warm and fuzzy progressive type, especially in radio interviews for his book, In Defense of Food. However, there is a sinister and classist side to him that is just bubbling to the surface. Writing in newmajority, an extreme right blog run by militant fundamentalist, former Bush regime official David Frum, Pollan opposed the Whole Foods boycott, putting corporate profits ahead of the needs of Americans to have real healthcare.

By opposing the Whole Foods Boycott, Pollan is telling middle class and poor Americans to shut up and die!

Pollan's unconscionable behavior is sadly typical of far too many in the alternative foods movement who see health as a commodity you buy with expensive foods and who lecture people who can't afford to pay the price. The classism within the alternative foods and medicine movement always has been a problem, but Pollan is taking things to extremes by defending a union busting corporation whose CEO attacks government health insurance and brags about cutting his employees' healthcare benefits.

Even Pollan's claims about supporting farmers are dead wrong. Whole Foods is notorious for screwing over local, small, organic farmers in favor of big organic agribusiness that steals land from indigenous peoples thousands of miles away and promotes global warming by shipping produce thousands of miles.

Now, I'm boycotting Pollan's books and radio appearances in addition to Whole Foods. I am sick and tired of being screwed over by classist, elitist snobs like Pollan who are more loyal to evil corporations like Whole Foods than they are to the middle class and poor.

Good News:
The Whole Foods Boycott is growing in support in spite of this attack by a corporate shill on an extreme right blog. The Boycott Whole Foods Facebook group now has over 33,000 members. The Whole Foods Boycott now has a website, which I'm adding to my right navigation menu.

Excellent News:
The CtW Investment Group wants Mackey out as Whole Foods CEO. Let's hope other investors in Whole Foods follow.

Related Blog Posting:
We Know the Lies has an interesting posting showing the similarities between Wal-Mart and Whole Paycheck. It's a valid and interesting angle on the story that hadn't occured to me.



  1. OK... you've convinced me! No more Whole Foods salad bar buffet for me!

  2. Anonymous Says:
  3. I realize that I'm responding to an old post, but I can't agree more. I found his sniping at the poor to be littered through Omnivore -- at one point he actually says "This book is not for them" -- his essentializing of the Mayans cheesy, and his spouting off his mouth to Bill Moyers that our diet, and not the insurance companies, is the true healthcare crisis to be downright disingenuous.




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