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The Dangerous Extremism of Anti Choice Christian Supremacists

Posted by libhom Friday, September 04, 2009

The corporate media love misogyny for many of the same reasons they have racism and sexism. If people can be divided along lines created by prejudice, they have much less energy left to stand up for their economic interests. The owners and advertisers of the corporate media definitely don't want the middle class and the poor informed and energized.

The easiest way to use sexism to get poorly educated people agitated and distracted from their interests is to repeat the militant fundamentalists' lies about abortion. No reasonable person with an IQ over 60 sincerely believes that fetuses and embryos have human lives. That is as outlandish as saying 2 + 2 = 643. However, misogyny can make people incredibly irrational, especially when it is whipped up by religious fervor.

The great American hero Dr. Tiller was killed by this insanity. Don't think that the corporate media didn't play a role. Tiller was personally demonized by the far right babblers. However, even the supposedly mainstream newscasts slant the abortion issue to the anti choice side, treating their "pro life" spin as if it were fact, never mind the fact that every major anti abortion organization opposes life saving AIDS education and condom distribution programs.

Rachel Maddow recently did an excellent job of exposing the violent and harassing nature of the Christian Right's jihad against the basic human right of women to have abortions. (Hat Tip to Blog for Choice)

Discussing the cold, hard facts of the Christian Taliban's misogynistic efforts against abortion is very important. Discussing abortion in human terms with personal stories is of tremendous value too. Words for Choice is a dramatic production which explores the views of doctors and women who have performed or had abortions, and the vicious they face from militant, Christian fundamentalists.

I have seen the anti choice clinic harassers, and I have seen the Iranian fundamentalists who took the US Embassy hostage years ago. They had the same religious fervor and bloodlust in their eyes. People need to take it seriously.



  1. Lew Scannon Says:
  2. Republican hypocrisy is defined as such: Fighting tooth and nail for the right for a baby to be born, then fighting tooth and nail to deny that same baby decent health care once it is born.

  3. GDAEman Says:
  4. The Uninformed Extreme Right, and how it is manipulated/incited, is the primary topic of GDAE Podcast Episode 17. It's a topic on which I've given attention in several episodes.



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