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Civil Liberties Don't Always Do That Well in Canada Either

Posted by libhom Wednesday, September 09, 2009

So much for press freedom in Canada...(From Green Is the New Red 9/3/09)

Last year, Canadian police arrested Sea Shepherd’s First Officer, Peter Hammarstedt, and Captain, Alex Cornelissen. In Canada, it is illegal to witness or document the slaughter of the seals. They were charged with approaching, witnessing and documenting the killing.

This law is a tacit admission by the Canadian government that the practice of clubbing baby seals is something that repulses reasonable people. The fact that Canada uses government funds to subsidize this brutal and senseless way of killing the seals is breathtaking.

I also wonder if the particularly violent way of killing the seals affects the people involved. Are they more likely to get involved in domestic violence?



  1. Christopher Says:
  2. Canadians love to feel morally superior to their American neighbors to the south.

    Of course, nothing can be further from the truth -- not as long as this barbaric act of animal cruelty is permitted by the Canadian government.

    We wanted to travel to Toronto this summer to see the Yankees play the Blue Jays (one of the items in a series of things to do in the NE before we permanently return to California) but decided to boycott Canada over the slaughter of baby harp seals.

  3. From everything I've seen or read, Canada and Canadians are FAR superior to the US or Americans. Lately, though, the Canadian government seems a tad ...constricted, possibly constipated and most definitely leaning southward.

    What's up with the total ban on DUI's from these parts, though? Y'all can drink yourselves into comas, but we can't come in if we were caught over the line in the states?



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