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From the Left 9/4/09:

The Catholic church is up to it’s old queer-hating tricks again. This time, Washington, DC Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl has increased the church’s involvement in opposition to marriage equality in the nation’s capital.

Wuerl addressed 300 Catholic priests in the area, reminding them in a letter about the church’s antigay marriage stance. He also gave interviews to several news sources to further vocalize the church’s view in the debate.

Wuerl has joined forces with Baptists, mainly African-American preachers, in pressuring D.C. officials to allow public voting on the legalization of same-sex marriage.

It turns out there is a major news story developing on the Catholic Clergy exporting Irish child molesters to Catholic residential institutions here in the US. I don't know if the corporate media will pick this one up, but I do predict that Catholic clergy here in the US will engage in nasty political meddling to keep the cameras and reporters elsewhere.

Can you imagine the day when Catholic clerics devote the time and effort they are illegitimately using for interference in politics to taking strong action to rid their church of child molesting priests?

It's a nice thought, but I can't either.


1 Responses to DC Archbishop Meddles in Politics Instead of Going After Child Raping Priests

  1. Lew Scannon Says:
  2. That's how I know there is no god. because if there was an all-powerful god, he would have struck down the Catholic Church and it's policy of protecting pedophilia a long time ago.



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