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When the Goppers say that private insurers can't compete with a public insurance option, what they are really admitting to is that private insurance and HMOs are so costly, are so inefficient, and provide such lousy care that no sane person would choose them.

Thank about it.



  1. David Says:
  2. I am in favor of universal condemnation of health insurance companies, but I think if you look carefully at what the right is saying here, you see that it's not that the private companies suck, but that the public insurance would be paid for in part or in whole by someone other than the consumer, and that a consumer-paid company can't compete with that, which is fair.

    For more information on how condemnation would work, see http://blog.neveroddoreven.us

  3. TomCat Says:
  4. My friend, you state what should be obvious to everyone, and how so many people just don't get it appalls me.

  5. libhom Says:
  6. David: You are confusing the right's spin on the subject with what the real meaning of their opposition to the public option. The right's spin is actually pretty entertaining if you think about it.

    Under the current system, private insurance almost always is paid for by someone other than the consumer. Also, in the public option plan, the same amount of the bills would be paid for public and private insurance. When you pay attention to what the plan actually is, you can have fun deconstructing the right's claims.

    TomCat: No lie. It's amazing more people haven't figured that out. Although, I have to admit that even most Republicans are in favor of the public option. I guess even the majority of Republicans are not as dumb as they seem sometimes.



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