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A Message And a Call to Action on Single Payer

Posted by libhom Friday, September 11, 2009

The Pagan Sphinx has been fighting hard for healthcare reform, and her recent posting with a brief message supporting single payer is one of many examples of the efforts she is making. Here's the video:

The organization that produced the video, 1Payer.net, has a lot of resources and action items on its website. Please call their toll free number, 1-800-578-4171. It will reach the White House comment line when that office is open. Otherwise, you can leave a message that will be transcribed and sent to the White House and to the people who are supposed to be representing us in the House and the Senate.

There also is a section of the site with videos you can snag for your blog and/or email to your friends. Getting single payer may be a long struggle, but it's worth it to keep fighting, no matter who is in Congress or the White House. Here's a clip from a speech by Barack Obama in 2003. He makes a lot more sense than he's making now.

If all your news comes from the corporate media, you may not be that familiar with single payer healthcare. Healthcare Now has a description of HR 676, the single payer legislation in the House. This legislation is often referred to as "Medicare for All," which gives an accurate label of what it sets up.




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