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Sometimes the most important parts of news stories get buried far down in the text by the corporate media, and the tragic killing of anti-choice extremist James Pouillon is no exception. Take for instance, these paragraphs buried in the 9/11/09 Detroit News article on the killing.

"We believe Mr. Drake was not happy with the way Mr. Pouillon was protesting," said Chief Shiawassee County Assistant Prosecutor Sara Edwards.

"Mr. Drake did not believe children should view the graphic material on the signs Mr. Pouillon carried," said Police Chief Michael Compeau.

Sound familiar?

It should. This is the same ideology expressed by Christian Right hate groups like the so called "Parents Television Council" in order to justify their censorship campaigns. They routinely say that TV shows should be censored in order to keep children from seeing violent and sexually suggestive materials.

Censorship as a way of child proofing the world is one of the favorite fundamentalist talking points. It gets repeated constantly by Christian Taliban.

In other words, Pouillon was killed because a nutjob bought into the censorship ideology promoted by the Christian Right, not because Pouillon opposed abortion.

The militant, anti American fundamentalists and some of their enablers in the corporate media are already trying to blame people who support the inalienable right of women to decide on abortion for this killing, even though the facts prove otherwise.

The killing of Pouillon also brings up another question. Will the rightist nutjobs finally realize that gun control is necessary when some of their own get killed with guns?




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