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What Ron Paul Really Stands For

Posted by libhom Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a spaced out Ron Paul
Photo: Talk Radio News*

Now that extreme right presidential candidate Ron Paul is won the straw poll at the fascist CPAC convention, it's time for people to consider who is really is and what he really stands for. His cultish supporters have engaged in a campaign of disinformation on liberal and progressive websites for some time now. Back in 2007, I investigated Paul's actual views and agenda and reported the results. This information looks to be even more relevant now than it was then.

Ron Paul has a swarm of zealots on the Internet, spewing pro-Paul propaganda in all sorts of liberal and progressive forums. The Paul worshipers will accurately point out his opposition to the Iraq War and the Unpatriotic Act, but they conveniently omit the vast majority of Paul's views, which are hateful and wacky right-wing. The deception is starting to offend a lot of liberals, and I'm one of them. After all, if Paul could get a 75% rating in 2005 from the “Family Research Council,” a Christian Right hate-group, that should give you some idea of where Paul really stands.

Here are some other ratings of interest:

* Secular Coalition for America: 20% (2004)

* Americans for the Arts Action Fund: 0% (2000, 01, 02, 03, 04)

* Leadership Conference on Civil Rights: 38% (2005)

* Human Rights Campaign: 25% (2003-04), 0% in previous years

* John Birch Society: 100% (2004-2006 in quarterly ratings, except for 88% in Spring 04)

* National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws: 14% (2004), 30% (2005)

* Campaign for America's Future: 0% (2005-06, energy issues)

* Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America: F (2006)

Bigotry Against Atheists

It should be noted that each of the following three positions contradict Paul's claims that he is a libertarian and that he supports individual freedom.

Opposes Restoring the Pledge of Allegience to the Version Without “Under God”

Co-Sponsored Constitutional Amendment Pushing Coerced Prayer in the Public Schools

Voted to Allow Bigoted Alabama Judge to Post “Ten Commandments” in Courtroom


Here are a couple of examples of Ron Paul's views, aside from his opposition to ENDA.

Opposes Hate Crimes Laws

Supports “Don't Ask, Don't Tell”

Voted for Amendment Attempting to Block DC Government from Allowing Same-sex Partners to Adopt

Other Right-Wing Extremism,
from his congressional web site:

Opposing Federal Funding for Stem Cell Research:


Pro-Tax Cuts, Nearly All of Which Go to the Rich:

Favors Cutting Gas Taxes:

Against Corporate Accountability:


Glorifying Ronald Reagan:

Supporting Corporate Efforts to Ship US Jobs to China

Attacking Gun Control and DC Self Rule


I should also note that I just checked, and it definitely turns out that Paul has been lying when he says he's a libertarian. He is anti choice. No genuine libertarian would support government involvement in the most personal decision possible.

Ron Paul is correct about the Iraq War. His concerns for civil liberties would be more reassuring if he wasn't determined to limit civil liberties to wealthy, heterosexual, white, Christian men. Otherwise, he is a hateful rightist monster scarcely different than David Duke.

* Note on the Photo: I saw Ron Paul and his cultish followers on Wall St. last year. He looked incredibly lost, confused, and feeble. I couldn't get a clear cell phone pic of him because I kept getting blocked by Paulintologists. This picture shows him less out of it than the day I saw him on Wall St., but the photo I'm running from Talk Radio News was taken in January of 2008. He may have declined mentally since then.



  1. The corporate Republicans hate him because he wants to end the war they hope to keep going indefinitely.

  2. Lori G. Says:
  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing this info on him; I have been thinking he was more liberal than that, but I have not taken the time to look into the details.

    I read every single blog you post and felt honored when you read/posted on mine. I have you listed on my bloglist on both of my blogs. Thanks! :)


  4. Christopher Says:
  5. I remember your excellent take down of Ron Paul. I never heard of him before and what you revealed about him was chilling.

    As for him winning a straw poll at CPAC, it's what? 2,500 zealots? I don't think he will ever become a national figure.

    People like this Tea Bagger will just help the GOP at the polls. Now, what is curious to me is his base of support is coming from young voters. Am I the only one who finds this odd?

  6. Mauigirl Says:
  7. I was surprised they voted for Paul but now that you have detailed his stands on all these subjects it makes a lot of sense.

    One thing that really annoyed me about the CPAC convention was the amount of air time the MSM gave to it. That kind of coverage makes them seem legitimate and they are a bunch of right-wing fascists.



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