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GOP Planning Jihad Against Amtrak

Posted by libhom Thursday, January 20, 2011

Atmospheric CO2 data

Instead of doing sensible and productive things to reduce deficits like ending the Iraq and Afghanistan wars or making their wealthy donors pay their fair share in taxes, House Republicans are proposing slashing federal spending that benefits the middle class and the poor.

Desperate to prove just how much they are bought and paid for by Big Oil, the Goppers want to eliminate $1.565 billion in annual Amtrak subsidies. The Goppers, hoping that people are ill informed, I'm sure will claim that Amtrak should be able to survive on its own.

But, they have no interest in making automobile transit pay its way. In addition to direct subsidies to that form of transit, most of our military spending goes to securing oil for the car culture and the Big Oil vultures that benefit financially from it. Those subsidies are in the hundreds of billions of dollars, which make the tiny Amtrak subsidy a mere pittance. None of the military budget subsidy of oil is on the chopping block.

And, Amtrak reduces our CO2 emissions, while Big Oil and the cars they love increase them. The Republicans are mostly Global Warming denialists, but that is hardly surprising. Big campaign checks from Big Oil and Big Coal make sure of that.

The attack on Amtrak is part of the bigger pay for play culture in DC. We need change to public financing of political campaigns. A big first step for that to happen is to have a judiciary honest enough to acknowledge the obvious fact that big money campaign contributions are not "speech."

They are bribes.



  1. Robyn Says:
  2. You're spot on. There is no reason to get rid of Amtrak or any type of public transportation.

  3. Unknown Says:
  4. Amtrak has been poorly run for decades, but that said I still think it deserves to be kept alive if for no other reason than it IS public transportation, it's green as you mention and it's used heavily on the east coast.

    Getting from the left coast to anywhere in the middle is a friggin nightmare...believe me, I have tried.

  5. Christopher Says:
  6. The AMTRAK subsidy is so tiny.

    Yet, the vast sums we squander on credit borrowed from Communist China to wage war and expand the U.S. Empire is perfectly OK with these idiots who make the financial decisions that will impact this country for the next 100 years.

    200 years ago, Washington DC was once a cess pool. Little has changed in 2011. It's a city populated by pea brains and religious loons.



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