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Obama looking sillyYou would think that President Obama would learn from the disastrous defeat for the Democrats in 2010. The defeat resulted from almost 10 million more Obama voters staying home than "Keating Five" McCain voters.

Obama governed like a Republican, which alienated and demoralized core Democratic constituencies. It was as if his administration and the Democratic congressional "leadership" were on a deliberate campaign to tell Democratic voters that their views and their votes count for nothing. They got exactly the results one would have expected and many of us warned about. It was nearly as big of a defeat as Bill Clinton caused in 1994, which makes sense because he governed like a Republican too.

Many people had hoped that when the corrupt former Clinton Administration figure, Rahm Emanuel, left the administration, things might get better. Sadly, it's starting to look like the opposite.

Mock, Paper, Scissors warned me that President Obama has been considering hiring an infamous bankster and member of the rightist and corrupt Daley Klan in Chicago as his most senior adviser. The Guardian is reporting that Barack Bush has approached this monster to discuss the job.

stop sign modified to say stop greedWhen is this administration going to stop selling the American people out to our enemies, the banksters?

The Democrats lost in 2010 because they kept sending the message to their own voters that they don't count and that voting is futile. So, what is Obama doing again? He's sending the message that our votes are exercises in futility.

The Democratic core constituencies aren't the only people who despise and distrust the banksters. Those views are shared by the overwhelming majority of the people of this country, with good reason. Besides, no one outside of the corrupt Chicago political machine has much fondness for it, to put it mildly.

It's beginning to look like Obama has learned nothing from the 2010 results and is determined to keep the House in GOP hands and make the White House dependent on just how stupid and crazy the GOP nominee turns out to be. Obama may hand the Senate to the GOP with his corruption and incompetence.

I only voted for one Democrat in 2010. The rest of my votes went Green last year. The Green Party is looking really good for 2012 too.

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  1. Robyn Says:
  2. When I first saw this I couldn't believe it. I'm already beginning to miss Larry Geithner if this comes true.

    I really wish Obusha would hire Paul Krugman but I guess it's too late for that now.

  3. Christopher Says:
  4. President Pootie Tang enjoys being surrounded by the money boys like Timmy Geithner, Larry Summers and now, this cat.

    Pootie is a lost cause.

    I've moved on and my energy is looking ahead to 2012. If we don't get it right then, I'm done voting.

  5. Is the Pope a nazi? Ok, technically no. He was Nazi youth. That said, the answer is yes. Obama is a monster.

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. I don't know... I was at a brunch a few weeks ago attended by mostly investment bankers. In between the champagne, blue cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, and the quiche, they seemed like lovely people.

    I especially liked the cars in the driveway. A Cadillac, two Jags, a Range Rover, and of course, a BMW.



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