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I Refuse to Go to the Daily Beast Until Howard Kurtz Is Fired

Posted by libhom Monday, January 10, 2011

Let's review the facts that no one can honestly dispute:

1) Sarah Palin put out a terrorist gun target map which was a deliberate set of instructions to shoot and kill members of Congress.

2) Sarah Palin is directly and personally responsible for the shootings in Arizona.

3) It is physically impossible to defend Sarah Palin without endorsing the terrorist attack in Arizona and gloating over what was done to the victims.

Yet, neo-Nazi Daily Beast commentator Howard Kurtz did just that. He defended Sarah Palin and attacked people who have enough honesty and integrity to acknowledge Sarah Palin's involvement in the shootings.

What a sick fuck!

No decent human being could defend Sarah Palin after what she has done. This isn't about left or right. It's about human decency and patriotism. Every moral, loyal, honest American is blaming that traitor Sarah Palin for the shootings because everyone, regardless of ideology, knows for a fact that Sarah Palin directly caused this to happen.

(Ordinarily, I would link to the offending article, but I refuse to ever link to another article by a neo-Nazi like Howard Kurtz again. I also refuse to link to or visit the Daily Beast until that terrorist loving Nazi is fired. I will not drive traffic to hate sites on the Web.)



  1. Christopher Says:
  2. Not just Howie Kurtz but CNN's Carol Costello who recoiled when on Sunday, a guest dared to mention Mama Grifter.

    "Well, we just don't know who is responsible for the shooting at this point....."

    Or, MSNBC's resident dipshit Chuck Todd who just this morning, speaking in hushed tones said:

    "It's too soon to blame one party or one person for the tragedy in Tucson."

    I'm almost tempted to watch Keith and Rachel tonight to see if they keep up this folly but, I have too much to do.

  3. Oso Says:
  4. Fuck the Daily Beast and Fuck Kurtz, Libhom.

  5. Daily Beast is hemorrhaging money. There was an attempted, but failed, merger with Newsweek (which itself was recently acquired by Jane Harman's million-year old, very rich husband). Tina Brown probably came when she read Kurtz's column because she probably thinks that maybe they'll get some traffic. I checked Daily Beast out once or twice and thought, really? It seemed slightly more put together than Huffington Post. That is, unreadable.

  6. Christopher Says:
  7. Pissed in NYC is so correct about the Huffington Post.

    They're comments are 90% moderated and there are times they have 3,000 comments "Pending" and 10 comments posted.

    I got banned once from Huffington Post for saying Hillary Clinton's dress she wore to Princess Chelsea's nuptials looked like it was stitched together by a blind dog tying to get to it's dog cookie.

    They sent me a prepared email admonishing me for using hate speech against a public official. Really? The Borg Queen's frocks are off limits?

  8. I wonder who reads that stuff and think it's good or interesting or relevant, Christopher. Sometimes I go to sites like that to see what the rest of the world is reading. I'm always perplexed. Why waste your time on that?

  9. libhom Says:
  10. Oso: Do you still write on Mad Mike's? If so, under what name/pen name?



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