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a bunch of Comcast cables in a total mess

Comcast always has been an incredibly evil corporation. They make a shitload of money off the Internet, but they don't want to play by the rules. For instance, they have lobbied heavily against Net Neutrality, and they have censored emails to their customers from an organization with different political views than those of the far right Goppers who run Comcast.

So, it didn't surprise me that Comcast got rid of Keith Olbermann from its newly acquired MSNBC. Don't be surprised if other centrist or liberal hosts get the axe.

Free Press has sent out a press release that does an excellent job of bringing up the broader issues that Comcast's purchase of a majority interest in NBC Universal entails. Here is Josh Silver's statement.

"This deal is a win for Comcast, General Electric and NBC executives, and a devastating loss to everyone else, and to democracy itself. As of today, Comcast has an Orwellian amount of control over your media experience and your wallet. By controlling both information and the ways people access that information — by cable, broadcast and the Internet -- Comcast-NBC can and will block competition, stifle innovation and silence independent, opposing viewpoints.

“Comcast customers can expect to see their bills go up, as they foot the $30 billion tab. And even if you’re not a Comcast customer, you’re sure to end up paying more. Next, get ready for a merger wave, as other corporations seek out similar mega-deals to try to compete with Comcast-NBC. Putting too much media power in the hands of a single company is bad for the American people and for our democracy."

No kidding. Look at all the damage that already has been done by Rupert Murdoch's fascist media empire.

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  1. Ahab Says:
  2. Concentrating that much communication power under one company is troubling.

  3. Tim Says:
  4. Well ask anyone who wants the real deal in the news...none depend on American Press. BBC, Al-Jazeer and other foreign news.
    For now we bloggers have to do the work of media.

  5. gmb Says:
  6. I can only hope that Google and some others will balk at paying more and will offer alternatives (by killing Comcast). That said, more and more folks are going to drop cable because they can't afford to keep it. The last two quarters were the first two quarters in which cable tv subscribers decreased. Just saying. We have to starve the beast.



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