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Townhall Magazine Sends Out Inflammatory Email

Posted by libhom Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A few years ago, I got on the email list of the fringe right publication, Townhall Magazine, when I posted a comment on one of the blogs hosted on their website. I still get their emails. Many of them are trying to sell questionable investment advice, and many others give one insight into what the fringe is up to.

In the climate that exists in the aftermath of Sarah Palin's terrorist attack in Arizona, one would hope that the far right would tone down its rhetoric. They haven't toned it down much. They have sent out an inflammatory email with the title "Who are the Most Dangerous Liberals?" Get a load of this garbage they are using to sell their magazine.

Every conservative knows that liberals are working hard every day to recreate this country in their own image, tarnishing our great history and the hard-working people who live here. While some of the faces of the Left are too clownish to be taken seriously (see Keith Olbermann) others shy away from the limelight in order to push their agenda from behind a veil. Those people are some of the most dangerous liberals that threaten our way of life. Not to take away from some of the more obvious liberals, like the Barack Obamas and the Barney Franks of the world, there are many who push the leftwing radical agenda.

In the latest issue of Townhall Magazine we have identified the top 50 most dangerous liberals in America. We also have exposed their secret agendas, some as devious as any threat to the United States. Below are a few snippets from the list. Take a look and then get Townhall Magazine today!

Phrases like "tarnishing our great history" (note barely veiled racism), "threaten our way of life," and "secret agendas, some as devious as any threat to the United States" would have merely elicited laughter before the right's shooting spree in Arizona. But, now I realize that this kind of menacing rhetoric must be taken seriously. People get all riled up by this bullshit, and all it takes is something like Sarah Palin's gun target map to get the most militant to start shooting.

Two of the three people mentioned as "dangerous liberals" in the email actually are quite conservative, Barack Obama and Jon Stewart. When even people as far to the right as those two are branded as "dangerous liberals," this shows that very few public figures are immune to the dangerous rhetoric of the absolutist and sometimes eliminationist right. Oddly enough, the ad makes the unstable political extremists buy the magazine to find out the full list of people that they should hate and be terrified of.

This is really dangerous.



  1. Robyn Says:
  2. I've always hated those scribes at Clown Hall. That's exactly what they are. A bunch of dangerous clowns.

  3. Christopher Says:
  4. As soon as I connected Mama Grifter to the massacre in Tucson, AZ, I started to receive hits from Palin's berserk army of sleeper cells.

    Over 250 hits came in from a site called Storm Front. I Googled it and I was floored. Suffice to say, they don't like our kind and many of them live in Northern Idaho.

    At least we know who supports the Palin and it isn't just the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party. I think her base is truly dangerous.



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