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Irritating British Petroleum Commercials

Posted by libhom Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am getting so sick of the deceptive commercials British Petroleum is using to try to give people a distorted image of itself after all the damage it did in the Gulf. In those commercials, they are trying to trick us into believing that the beaches are clean. That is misleading for at least two reasons.

1) With the "clean beaches," they were only cleaned at the surface level. Oil farther down in the sand is still there, waiting to eventually be brought up to the top by storms.

2) Most of the oil from the spill is still in the Gulf of Mexico. Some of that will inevitably end up washing up on the beaches periodically.

Other commercials tout how British Petroleum supposedly has done so much to people who lost their livelihoods to the storm. Anyone who has followed this news story knows better than that.

Here's the kind of video people should be seeing. Any time any station runs a British Petroleum commercial, they should have to give equal time to the truth.

Oil Uncovered On Pensacola Beach East Of Portofino November 19 2010



  1. Thomas Says:
  2. I don't blame BP so much for this as I blame a system that asserts that money is speech and that corporations have the same rights as individual citizens.

  3. libhom Says:
  4. Thomas: I agree that there are systemic problems, but I don't think that lets specific corporations off the hook for what they have done.

  5. Ahab Says:
  6. I really hope that the public does not forget this catastrophe or allow BP to live down the oil spill. Too many lives have been ruined.



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